The website & guide are meant to be supporting of its own, while offering support to those for whom it is not yet sufficient. I wrote it myself. Any advice to enhance the transmission of the core message is welcomed.

The step-by-step Guide to get the most out of your Self-Development

Ending the search, logically

Your career, relationships, money, health, motivation, focus - when in any area of life results are not satisfying, you are confronted with a wide spectrum of approaches to choose from. How to choose from 60,000+ books and hundreds of teachers? There is a logical approach to make intuitive decisions. That's what this website is for, so you can end the searching.

Nothing but the truth

Nobody has ever been able to successfully claim and prove absolute truth. This doesn't mean nothing works. Most practices do work for some, especially when it feels true. Not from the words, but from understanding the essence. It just means that after informing yourself your decision ultimately has to be based on something else - your intuition.

Whatever works for you

From experience I know it helps to know your own beliefs, to know which two main directions in self-development there are and to commit yourself for a time span of your own choice. For the first two parts, answer the following question, for yourself and for the book or teacher you may consider.

What do you believe to be the the good life, why and by which mechanism do you believe this comes about?

Free Guide

The questions above can be broken down to an unlimited set of sub-questions. For each person there will be a different set of questions that are helpful to get a real grasp of your model of life. And to get you started, I've already broken down the essence of 50+ self-development tools in my free e-book.


If the message of this website feels right to you, download the e-book "How to make Self-Development Pay Off" below. This guide is for free, as I feel it should be accessible to anyone, even more so when you struggle to make ends meet financially. Likewise, I'd appreciate a donation and/or message if you're experience is that the guide is being of value to you.

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“Living the way you actually are, requires the letting go of what you imagine your beliefs should be”

— Me