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DIY Contributions

You decide if and how you provide something of value in return

Once you know the value

The e-book is for free, so you can experience first if it's of value to you. Although additional paid services are offered, the book is written with the intent to be as complete as it can be for a wide range of people. Nothing is left out for sales purposes and neither do you have to leave any details for downloading it. If the book works for you all by itself, that is great. In that case, please consider a donation or supporting this project in any way you like.


If you like to make a donation you can use one of the buttons below. Or make a direct transfer, of any amount, by using the following details:


Account holder: RR van der Linde

IBAN: NL12RABO0351604081


Description: anything you like (for example your email address, so I can send you a thank you note!)

Order hard copies of the e-book

It's also possible to support the project through ordering printed copies of the e-book for a price of [tbd]. You can select the number of copies you like, for yourself and to give away, by clicking the button below. The printed version of the book includes the appendix and a personal note from me. The order and delivery will be handled by Peecho - a globally operating on-demand printing and distribution company.