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How to stop thinking excessively?

In this era of information, the habit of endless thinking is one of the main issues that affects the quality of our lives. It's usually an indicator too for other imbalances such as tiredness, stress and having difficulties to make right decisions.

When you want to do something about this you run into 80,000+ self-development books. They all proclaim to be the best approach, but no book seems to work for everybody.

How to choose? You might try an approach that worked for someone you know or because the reviews online are positive, but in most cases this won't give satisfying results.


People then usually postpone the quest, as they have no desire to go down a path of trial-and-error without a clear guiding principle for selecting the next approach. Only to return to it when the endless chatter becomes unbearable. Again and again.

Choosing from two opposing directions

That was me, back in 2016 - a management consultant struggling to find a solution for his excessive thinking. After a few cycles I decided to go all-in until I would discover a guiding principle that made sense and worked. After an intense battle I finally found my blind spot.


As it appeared, there were two opposing intentions for self-development and I was switching back and forth between them without being aware of it. A contradiction!

Upon this insight, I defined my own intention, my guiding principle and selected books that were right for me. Those were books I already read, but now the message appeared very different and suddenly it worked.

When talking about this, it turned out that most people that struggle with similar issues had the same blind spot. I then decided to offer 4-day one-on-one retreats on a donation basis to assist people in overcoming this blind spot.

After three years of experience, I wrote an e-book you can download for free. It contains all the information and tools you need to know how to make your efforts finally pay off. Download it straight away or take the free test and get to know what type of books you're into within 3 minutes.

Best of luck and enjoy the ride.

“Getting past the self-development phase requires the letting go of what you believe your beliefs should be”

— Richard van der Linde